Passionate about customers, business, ethics and profit

We create growth strategies , design products, services and optimize processes to reduce operational costs, increase sales and profit. We co-create and collaborate with you to create the services and processes that align with your needs and support you in managing the change within your business. We provide the consulting, training, coaching and mentoring needed to support the your business through changes and evolve the way of working. We focus our services on SMEs who are service-based professionals.

We want to save you time, energy and reduce your stress levels


Who are we​

Success By Design is owned and managed by Terrill Christians, she is from a South African family, and for a long time she studied while working.
 Today, she is an MBA graduated with over 15 years of experience in service design, process optimization, project & change management
Her corporate background is in the Financial Services and Software development industries in South African and Britain
She is a creative, driven, problem-solver, wanting to help you evolve your way of working and make your business sustainable 

Our mission

Adapt the skills we practiced in corporate to create sustainable SMEs  business models
We do this by building relationships, sharing knowledge, and empowering people and businesses around the world
We bring relevant and useable business strategies into small and medium businesses through online consulting and training

“How well we communicate is determined not by how well we say things, but how well we are understood.” –Andrew Grove

Building a successful customer experience does not happen by accident, it happens by design

Our 6D approach to business optimization



Firstly, we identify the business goal or objective. Through conversion, use of analysis tools, focus groups, gap assessments or gathered requirements.



Next we brainstorm, collaborate, research, define user cases and look for creative direction. The principles of design thinking come into play and we understand what the need of the business.



The best part, we start to design what the future looks likes. We create a visual picture and describe the future. 



We develop the objective. a business plan, new products, marketing strategy, customised training material, project or change plan, digital strategy, budgets and forecasts etc.



We present the business plan, digital strategy, new product specifications, the project and change plan for review to gather input. Next we test or revise before deploying.



We will maintain the objective, support you and your team during and after delivery of the objective.

“Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.”– Albert Einstein