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Let’s talk about the biggest free digital resource in Africa, BizCommunity, a premier B2B news site & how it can fuel B2B growth in Africa.

 Bizcommunity has become a household media brand name, the first-choice B2B site in Africa, with an audience of 370,000 multi-industry professionals who stay informed and publish corporate content across 18 sectors of the economy.

Bizcommunity is an independently-owned media brand, made in Africa for Africa offering an indispensable daily overview of the intellectual capital of 19 business communities in South Africa, with the largest Marketing and; Media community reaching 490,000 pan-African and global readers. Bizcommunity functions as a mouthpiece for business stakeholders at every level, from learner to leader.

A typical daily mix of business-to-business activity includes news from nearly 400 of SA’s top companies who publish and distribute company news via our 5.9 million monthly industry newsletters and promotional platforms. Business news published via our platforms is archived and accessible by sector and region, easily searchable and helping to create positive perceptions of business activity in our region, enabling the sharing of resources, opening up of connectivity, conversations, and investment in Africa and South Africa.

Bizcommunity’s annual multi-industry Trend Report,  has over 100 contributors participate and is a first-to-market  multi-industry Trend Report.

As our economies open up, the pressure to increase sales and keep your business and its employees afloat is highly stressful. But every crisis brings opportunity, and for those of us in the B2B market, we now have an opportunity to leverage a more digitally-adapt business consumer.

Join our free webinar,  24 March 2021 in which we unpack, the biggest free digital resource in Africa, BizCommunity, a premier B2B news site with our guest, Clarina De Freitas from BizCommunity, will share how we as B2Bs in African can access and use BizCommunity to grow our business.

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