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Terrill Christians

I help Coaches, HR, and IT Consultants, Lawyers, Accountants, Training Providers to Increase Sales, and Increase Productivity with Business Growth Consulting, and Software.

My name is Terrill Christians, I own Success By Design, we specialize in helping businesses increase sales, productivity and improve the customer experience in their business. We do this through Business Consulting, Training, and providing Software Services for Businesses.  
I personally have over 15 Business experience,  mostly in the Financial Services and IT sectors in South African and British markets, a small amount of work in the American market. Besides experience, I hold qualifications in project management, business analysis, and a Masters In Business Administration (MBA).  I provide advice and support in co-designing a vision, strategy, new products/services, and implementing it, into your business. 
It’s our mission to share our skills and Services and Support Businesses so that they become Sustainable and achieve long-term success. 
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Increase sales

We talk sales techniques, technology and how to drive employees to goals

Product and Service Design

We excel at VALUE CREATION. We can help you redesign a product or service in a manner that has you redesigning as we develop the product. So that we come to market, its what we know will sell

Improve Productivity

We talk current process, the ideal process and how we increase productivity, mostly by streamlining your processes and introducing SOFTWARE so that we can increase PROFIT and DECREASE STRESS LEVELS

Goal Management

Are you creating plans and then changing your mind. Well no more.. Allows me to work with you on how to create and stick to goals.

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One Business Consulting session
R850 or $57(USD)

Per 60 minute session

Align your business strategy with your customer experience, to increase productivity, profit and reduce your stress level

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