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Welcome to The Digital Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

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Results! you will: 

  1. Evolve your way of thinking and make marketing, sales, and digital entrepreneurship attainable for you
  2. Skills for Customer Targets (market analysis and customer targeting skills and how to develop a UVP, that gives you a competitive edge)
  3. Create and maintain a website or ecommerce store
  4. Create content, develop and manage social media marketing/sales and email sales campaigns
  5. Exposure to the tools and techniques used to engage and grow your customer base online.
  6. Create, maintain and manage a marketing and sales funnel
  7. Increase customer engagement and sales in your business
  8. Be part of a supportive community of driven, smart business owners who run sustainable businesses.
  9. Any questions contact
  10. LIVE Q&As (links are sent to your email, session held online)