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A communication course for leaders and teams to transform culture, increase productivity and grow your business

This video course is in beta and therefore the price is reduced
Why look at this communications refresher?
  • To be a great communicator, you have to work at it.
  • Great communicators are better at working within and managing teams and they get to spend more time focused on service delivery and customer satisfaction.
  • Great communicators are more likely to be promoted, have richer and more fulfilling personal relationships
  • Great communicators attract new customers and grow their business
  • Leaders, who are great communicators create a positive business environment, attract more customers and retain productive employees.
  • Best of all, great communicators have reduced stress levels, more confidence and richer relationships 
What this course covers
  • Customers and team members see more than you think
  • Understanding team members
    • Psychographics
  • Workplace culture dictates business success
  • How values impact productivity, sales, and service
  • Teamwork and communication
  • Confident Communication: How to be assertive and not aggressive
    • When angry people talk
    • People don’t listen to me
    • Non-verbal communication
  • Biases: let’s talk about diversity and Inclusion and the impact it has on teams and productivity
  • Leadership & team member responsibilities when communicating
 The transformation you and your business will experience
  • Firstly, with enhanced communication skills interactions with customers and team members will be easier. As you are very aware of your ego state and that of the person you are engaging.
  • As a leader and a team member with effective communication skills, you will have richer conversations and an understanding of how to meet a team member’s needs.
  • As a leader and team member, so much time will be saved in your business, meaning you and your team can do more in a day.
  • You and your team will have reduced your stress levels as there is more clarity and transparency in your life, as these communications skills and a greater understanding of human nature will flow into personal lives as well.
Course logistics
  • Its a video course, so you can do it in your own time
  • The course has 3 parts, that will become available to you to work through every 5 days.
    • Why every 5 days? Adults need time information over a period of time, in order for it to move from our short-term memory to our long-term memory and learn through application, which makes the exercises important. It’s not about the right answer, it’s about the learning
  • The video style is short, punchy, with relevant and relatable content, to keep you focused
  • Quizzes and exercises come up to help you better understand what you are learning and how to apply it within your teams
  • Additional resources, downloadable content like checklists and exercises for you and your team to do, do help strengthen your bonds as a team and build communication skills for a thriving business

More info

  • Find out more about your trainer, Terrill Christians here
  • Learn more about communication’s link to diversifying thinking in business here
  • Contact us here to arrange bulk pricing for this course
Bonus, there is more!
  • Lifetime access to this training material and any updates
  • On completion of this course, a certificate will be issued
  • Support on course worth is only an email away
  • One 30 min one-to-one online session to discuss any course content or your communication style (Value R850/$57)

A communications course for leaders and teams to transform culture and increase productivity.

Communication is the foundation of a thriving business