How to Introduce a Diverse Way of Thinking into your Business

At Success By Design we do in person training can be very good as we learn from each other

Businesses like people are part of a much greater and more complex system, so looking from the outside in, is a survival requirement. Businesses that do not reflect and explore the world from different perspectives start to feel it in the financials. Sales stagnant at first, then decrease, Operational costs continue to increase and one executive after another has a brainwave- and finds the solution in a new software system. And the company that was a little start-up now has a real market share and is no longer just the new guy.

The business that opened up and cultivate an ethos of exploring different ways of thinking have revised their product offering and processes, they maintained and possibly grew in market share. Getting to the stage where your business is the one gaining market share takes hard work and perseverance. 

                                                  So, how do you start the journey?  So how do businesses evolve?  

                                                                                       How do you make your life easier!

They continually evolve their understanding and skills in communication

Start by reflecting on your communication style and that of your team and your business. Have you ever noticed how many times, something doesn’t work because there was a miscommunication! Oh sorry, I misunderstood,, Oh that wasn’t clear… And my favorite, no one told me. Yup, communication mishaps cost a lot of money and most importantly time… 

They surround themselves with a diverse group of intelligent people, with good values, technical or people skills.

They continually learn and use techniques like design thinking, change management models, and transactional analysis in the development and management of their people, processes, and products.

They look at their business, its employees,  products, and customers from the outside in. So that they understand the true motivating needs of the customer, employee, and environment before they act. They make the time to develop those thinking skills within their business.

How can you start on this journey today?

Well, start by reading up on these techniques, here’s some info and links to get you started

  1. To better master communication we use Transactional Analysis is a technique that helps to understand the behavior of another person so that communication becomes effective. Understanding human behavior helps to motivate, guide, and direct leaders and people who deal with customers. Transactional Analysis (TA), thus, facilitates communication. Its been successfully used in leadership training, as well as in customer service.
  2. To diversify thinking, we use Design Thinking, as a framework for problem-solving, it is an iterative process in which we examine how to understand the user, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be immediately apparent with our initial level of understanding. At the same time, Design Thinking provides a solution-based approach to solving problems. It is a way of thinking and working as well as a collection of hands-on methods. 
  3.  To implementation, all your new ideas and strategies successfully,  create a plan, executive, measure, and monitor- we use project management and change management models like Kotter’s Change Management Model and ADKAR Change Management Model are excellent at helping organizations make changes, but you should question if – Is your organization actively applying them or just in theory?
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 Now that should get you started.. 

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