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It’s time to take more African products to the world. Let’s introduce other countries to the excellent quality and effectiveness of our products and services by broadening our horizons in the urge to increase African product sales and introduce ourselves to new shores. 

With the Covid 19 outbreak having a huge impact on many business models and knocking the African manufacturing sector off its heels; the abrupt closure of factories and borders– has left African Manufacturers having to think beyond their normality in trade and be in search of new strategy designs in order to keep their companies afloat with the urge of forging newlines within the trading world. 

Forging new trade lines in the global trade sector is no child’s play, it requires thorough market analysis of your areas of choice and this market analysis is centered on understanding who you are trading with and who you want to sell to. People today have multiple preferences so it’s your job as the business to understand what those preferences are and having to craft strategies, products and a customer experience around that!

What a lot to go around right? Right! But to make it in this business of foreign trade leaves you no choice but to adhere to that. But don’t worry there’s always hope in the world of evolving technology! And the hope for Small African manufacturing businesses lies in the whole new world of retrieving data and information about the people; by listening in on what they are into and what they are not through their digital footprint. This is the world of data mining and foreign trade intelligence.

But how do Small African Manufacturing Businesses join in on this conversation? Well through- us, Success By Design.

Success by Design is the Exclusive African Regional Partner to AgainData. Through our partnership, we bring over 20 years of foreign trade data Intelligence and experience, expert data scientists, and a growing database of over 52 countries.


Success By Design is the official African Regional Partner of AgainData. AgainData is a Turkish duo, who are leading experts on Foreign Trade Intelligence and have been in the data mining industry for the past 20 years with AgainData as a company running for the past 8 years. AgainData and Success By Design have designed a partnership to make the experience of expanding African Manufacturing businesses and gaining foreign trade knowledge as effortless as can be.

This partnership goes beyond this point; as it is based on the aligned values and ethics between the two companies, being small businesses themselves- they share the value of growing developing businesses.

In the partnership Again Data brings their experience in expert knowledge on what to look for when assisting your business in looking for products to import and finding flourishing markets to export to around the world. They understand what needs to be considered when importing and exporting starts. This is in terms of policies, taxes, and all the different laws that need to be revised before and after the trading begins. They also have the ability to look for potential clients and markets through extracting data about your desired target market in terms of nature of business, previous buying patterns, in consideration of import and export duties for each party, etc.

How does AgainData have access to this type of information about potential buyers?

Firstly, all the information they access is already public information, One of their points of access is the “Bill of Lading”. They have trade data on over 52 countries

What is the Bill of Lading?

Every time goods are moved, a courier issues a ‘Bill of Lading’ which is a database that contains export and imported details as well as product descriptions, Againdata has utilized this in building their 10 000 databases in 52 countries over the 8 years. The Bill of Lading is publicly available for most countries and is used in sourcing information about most trades happening in the western world, it has a growing database for the developing countries as well.

Trade Leads are mined in a sophisticated and specialized behavior, that requires intense techniques and understanding of what you are looking for. Data Mining is both science and art with its successes and failures influenced by demographics, psychographics, access to resources, and an objective mindset. This provides your business with accurate and usable information to reach new global trade shores.


Success By Design brings its knowledge, experience, and skill in designing growth strategies and with knowing how to deal with the African market. Being an African business ourselves we share multiple values and struggles with many African businesses- they are able to relate to us and they do business with us through that relationship.

In understanding the different cultures, the people, and the local business sector, which Success By Design aligns itself with when conducting business. We understand how important it is to align ourselves with the clients in order to build a relationship based on trust, experience, professionalism, and respect. Through this knowledge, we can grow more small businesses into large companies.

Trade Intelligence services at Success By Design are for;

  • African- based Manufacturers who want to export to improve their Marketing and Sales strategy to enhance their profile and appeal to new buyers.
  • African-based Buyers to source lower-cost products for importing, which decreases their cost of sales.

Trade Intelligence services at Success By Design involve;

  • The Client Relationship Managers for any African clients for trade Intelligence.
  • The management and take on of clients and service relationship management.
  • Manage part of Again Data’s workload by taking control of the initial analysis and information gathering of intel, about the potential customers and markets. 
  • Review data from Again Data before sending it to the customer to ensure alignment; and before we move into the sales development phase.
  • To assist in reaching out to suppliers on your behalf and only revert to you for product-related questions, or once we are at the quote stage.

Other Success by Design services like process optimization, digital transformation, portfolio management, and strategic business advice may be accessed as well. This looks into analyzing the current business model, checking the feasibility of products, and lastly looking at the assessment of the overall customer experience of your product. This is done to make your business more attractive to the local and foreign trades market based on the services and products provided by us.

This partnership adds to the greater purpose for Africa because if Africa experiences more trade and enhances global alliances, it leads to an increased GDP resulting in more money circulation in African countries and opens up the economy allowing more jobs to be created!

 “What excites me about this partnership is how we can help Smaller African Manufacturers export more! In doing that we help the international community to discover and have access to more African products. This allows African countries to create more jobs for its people and give families the freedom to prosper- it’s a purpose-filled option for us”- Terrill Christians, CEO Success By Design.

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Written by Nolu Mnyanda

“For tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”- African Proverb.

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