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What’s most important in Lead Generation?

Strategy and Quality of Leads

The strategy is key as here you decide when, who, why and how to approach your potential customer. The quality of your leads is most important in lead generation. You need to know your customer and have the right information to be able to connect with them. Once you connect is it key that you make a good and are clear about how you will your product or service is the best fit for them. Having a good brand presence is important, however for most businesses taking active steps toward creating awareness of the Product or Service with the customer is vital when starting out or trying to scale your business. This is when digital presence: websites and social media accounts, cold calling, Cold email outreach and advertising come in. 

Lead Generation Services we provide

A lead generation strategy involves techniques for attracting and converting interested prospects into leads. A lead is a prospective consumer who has expressed interest in your brand by taking action. They’ve given you their contact information or hinted that they’d like to do business with you in some way.

Lead generation is a marketing activity that results in acquiring information useful for building a list of potential clients. Today, the key channels for lead gen can be divided into two: online and offline. 

Lead lists are essentially a large contact directory that your sales and marketing teams will use to send out cold emails or cold call to get your product or service sold.

We can provide lists of leads for most countries, industries and according to company size. We provide the details of company, along with verified contact information e.g. email and telephone of individuals who have agreed to having their informing shared. Our service is in line with POPIA and GDPR legislation.

Manufacturers, we can help you to increase sales and  exports through data mining all trade data over the last 10 years. No need to run a marketing campaign based upon what you can find on the internet. We mine actual trade data that has been publicly shared (POPIA and GDPR compliant). Success by Design is the Exclusive African Regional Partner to AgainData. Through our partnership, we bring over 20 years of foreign trade data Intelligence, experience, and expert Data Analysts to Africa.​

At Success By Design we use SendFox as our Inbound marketing tool, an AppSumo product, its easy to use, has a smart design function, where it helps you write emails and create landing pages, as well as price wise it givens you the most value.  If its your first AppSumo purchase here is an AppSumo 💲10 voucher🎁 for first purchase only  👉http://fbuy.me/v/terrill1_1

And at Success By Design, we use SalesBlink, as our Outbound Cold Outreach tool. It is a full-stack cold email automation and leads generation platform. Outreach solutions Include: LinkedIn Outreach, Cold Email and cold call Sequences, Mass Email Outreach. Closing Solutions include Tracking and managing client deals, scheduling client meetings and CRM solutions. FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE

The strategy that will work for your business depends on how well you know your customer

Outbound vs Inbound Sales

Outbound Sales is not Better than Inbound Sales or vice versa. Both tactics have their place and time when each will be most effective. This may differ over time, regions, industries, and of course, based upon customer needs and personas. Most companies that are successful at marketing and sales are doing a combination of both.

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Success By Design is the Exclusive African Regional Partner to Again Data