Employee and Child monitoring software

See Social Media, Text Messages, Location...and more!

  • See Everything that happens
  • View Activity Remotely
  • Easy 5 Minute Install
  • 100% Undetectable
  • 5 Star Reviews



What is pcTattletale?

  • pcTattletale is Employee and Child monitoring software.
  • It lets parents, employers, and spouses to see what their kids, employees, or significant other are doing online.
  • It runs invisibly in the background on their devices and can not be detected.
  • They will have no idea you are able to see everything they do.
  • pcTattletale is the only solution that makes “YouTube” like videos of their every tap or click.
  • Just watch the recordings from your phone or computer using your secure pcTattletale account as they live their secret online lives.

Is PCTattletale Safe?

  • pcTattletale has been developed for over 15 years and has helped thousands of spouses, family’s, and employers just like you.
  • Recorded Data is stored in a secure, online cloud.
  • Information transfer and storage is secured with AES Encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) techniques and technologies.
pcTattletale ONLINE Child Monitoring Software

Android Monitoring

  • pcTattletale runs in the background without them knowing.
  • See their every screen tap.
  • Track their GPS location.
  • Simply watch “YouTube” like recorded videos of all their activities.
  • Works on Android Version 5-9.
  • Watch them from your phone or a remote computer.

Put Safety First

Windows Monitoring

  • pcTattletale records every click as they use the computer.
  • It has an advanced keylogger that captures every keystroke and gets their passwords.
  • You can learn more by reading the article Best Windows 10 Keylogger.
  • See every email, chat, website visited, and more.
  • pcTattletale is the only solution that shows you screen recordings of everything they do.
pcTattletale ONLINE Employee Monitoring Software
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