Increasing Manufacturers Exports and Decreasing the cost of Imports for African Businesses

Success by Design is the Exclusive African Regional Partner to AgainData. Through our partnership, we bring over 20 years of foreign trade data Intelligence and experience, expert data scientists, and a growing database of over 43 countries.


What We Do

Determining your Target Market

By analyzing trade data in the world, we determine the most profitable and easily exportable countries. Taking into account your target market, competitor countries, customs taxes, certification needs, procedures in detail, we draw a road map that will bring you to a conclusion.

Strategic Action Plan

After determining potential buyers in the target country, we provide Marketing support for export and relationship building for imports. We advise on marketing and sales strategies and pipeline development. We walk the journey with you.

Identify and contact potential customers

We can identify and prep prospective customers for you and approach them on your behalf. So it doesn't matter if you have a sales team, or not, our team becomes your team and we will call, email and make contact on your behalf. We can connect with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Customer Testimonials

Success By Design is the Exclusive African Regional Partner to Again Data
"Through our partnership with AgainData, we can now include helping Manufacturers increase Sales through export and equipping African Businesses that Import with the best information around sourcing suppliers"

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