Do you wish that you could connect better with your customers and understand them?

Do you find that there are reoccurring problems in the delivery of your service, processes or systems?

This is because there is a lack of synergy and alignment in your product offering, processes or employees and customer expectations.

Would you like to evolve your way of approaching and leading our business to reduce problems and increase customer satisfaction?

Let me help you analyse your product and service offering, your customers, and the customer journey. I will support and help you transform your small business or department through consulting to make this change.


Book product and  service design consulting sessions, to focus on how:

  • The problems experienced with your  product, service  and process and how we can solve them
  • Building new products or revise existing ones and make them more competitive
  • How to better manage the people around you, so that they can improve their delivery and role in the product or process
  • The controls and processes you can put in place and why
  • Competitor analysing  and how you improve  product and service offering

You are not alone, we are here to help and support you in your role and grow your business in success.


This is a one-to-one session with Terrill Christians, who has 15 years of experience in designing customer service and business processes. She applies human-centred design principles into the process to create, ease-to-use products and services tailored to suit your business. She is an MBA graduate, carries qualifications in Project Management and Business Analysis, and is a creative thinker, and a determined problem-solver. She works with Technical and Professional service providers and is passionate about empowering you and your business. See her LinkedIn profile

Align your business strategy with your customer experience, to increase productivity, profit and reduce your stress level

Once you purchase an online session, you will immediately be sent an email to an online calendar so that you can book your time with her