The best marketing and social media software for Solopreneurs, Small Business and Professionals

The best marketing and social media software for solopreneurs

As a business consultant specializing in helping small businesses increase profit and productivity, it’s very hard to just run an ad on social media and attract customers. In fact, I did that and nothing happened, no sales, no queries.  And then I realized, it’s time to practice what I preach, I needed to approach the problem from the user’s perspective. I had to find out how my ideal customer would want to be approached about my services and what I needed to do so that they would buy from me.

I looked at my business from my customer’s perspective and thought if I was a service professional like the CEO or Director of a service-based business or a Solopreneur, like another consultant or coach, what is going to get me to agree to pay for time with someone that says she is an expert in service design and process optimization? I thought about it, asked questions and realized, I needed to establish authority and build trust before I can ask Solopreneurs, Directors, and Business Owners to buy from me. The nature of my clients was educated, successful and cautious. I needed to earn my place in their calendar.  

It’s ironic, even though I have practiced service and process design for over 15 years when I was experiencing the problem myself, it took time for me to remember my training and experience.  So I changed my strategy, I started to consistently post on social media and engage with potential customers and this worked for me. It has been very beneficial, it’s has attracted clients and I have grown my business. It has even lead to me being featured in a magazine and being interviewed live on LinkedIn. It’s taking hard work and to get to this spot, but I finally found a way to share information, building trust, and attracting customers.

As my business grows, I have less and less time to create and post on social media every day, so I found a software tool- called MissingLettr, that takes my blogs and videos, and smartly suggests what I post. As well as once I set my posting criteria, it auto-schedules my posts to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. I love it, it saves me so much time, cuts down on my thinking about what to post, and keeps my presence constantly on social media. Which in turn, keeps my business constantly TOP OF MIND for my customers.  

Why MissingLettr? 

Well, I tried a few others and I didn’t like that I have created all the posts as well as decide the times for each post, every single time I scheduled a post. Also, a lot of these services carried a monthly charge in USD and that was an expense I preferred not to have. Whereas with MissingLettr, I didn’t have to think so much and so much less time. And I could put all that saved time and energy back into my clients, where it should beūüėä

*** What I get from MissingLettr ***

  • Missinglettr is a social media management
  • It turns my blogs and videos into posts
  • It’s a smart post-maker
  • It auto-schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • It can schedule over 2 weeks -12 months
  • ¬†It gives me to access to an audience of +5 million through other social media content creators, who WANT to share my content
  • I did the free trial and loved it
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy to use and simply analytics
  • Bonus: Lifetime deal- pay once and never again, no re-occurring fees if you hurry and purchase via AppSumo
*** The benefit gained from my social media strategy ***
  • Saves me time, I schedule posts once a month¬†
  • I am building a customer base by posting a mix of interesting relevant and content
  • People are starting to trust me and I have attracted paying clients with this strategy
  • ¬†It keeps my business TOP OF MIND with potential customers and they get to know my business

 For more info, and a look at how I use it, see my YouTube video about MissingLettr. To see if you can still catch a lifetime deal on AppSumo go here MissingLettr.  So besides using MissingLettr, I studied social media and I tried a lot of things out and learned a lot. Some totally bombed and some were successful. If you would like to know more about my social media strategy, reach out and I will share that info with you.  

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