What I learned from my first live interview

what i learned from my first live interview

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Kashmira Mody, live on #linkedIn and I learned a few things about myself and my business in the process.

While prepping for a live interview I reviewed my messaging, service-offering, and I thought about what I wanted to bring across most. And even though I did a good job with prep initially…  I still tripped over my words at certain times during this interview and mixed up things here and there. I was nervous, it was my first live interview and I wanted to make it great. That all aside, it was so much more😊

I was interacting with a possible client and she was asking me questions to clarify the benefits she could gain from my services. After the interview, I reflected on the gift of the interaction🙏. Her questions were indications to me of where I needed to go back and sit with my messaging and product-offering again. Yes, I had to revisit and refine my messaging again, so that I could better connect with my potential customers.

  • I applied a design thinking mindset and principles to my reflection, to ensure that I look at the interview from a potential customer’s perspective. (Design principles are what I use to facilitate product and service design in businesses. It’s great at taking you out of your comfort zone)
  • After all, every customer interaction is a chance to create a relationship with your customers and earn their loyalty. 
  • Every customer service interaction matters.

A customer interaction is a communication between a business and a customer. This includes customers calling you when they need help or sending you messages on social media when they have a question. Customer interactions can also take the form of self-service articles your support team writes for customers, the proactive emails you send to customers, and even customers interacting with your chatbot. Customers will call, customers will interact, and customers will even vent at you and your management. The truth is, each interaction on any channel (whether good or bad) provides information about how your company can do better


Even after I have over 15 years in business, most of that in corporate ,  I am still learning about myself and the way I approach business, and that the exciting part.

Thank you for interviewing me, Kashmira Mody 💚, I gained so much in the process. #observations #reflections – Key to understanding my #customerexperience and improving it. It was a great learning experience. ✌ Link to interview here

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