Who cares about process automation?

Who cares about process automation

Automation is a phrase used to describe technology applications that require little or no human involvement. This encompasses BPA, IT automation, and personal applications such as home automation, among other things.

The technology-enabled automation of complicated business operations is known as business process automation, sometimes known as business automation or digital transformation. It has the ability to simplify a business, achieve digital transformation, improve service quality, improve service delivery, and save expenses.

Process automation ensures consistency and transparency in company processes. Dedicated software and business apps are often used to handle it.

What does it mean to automate a process?

The use of digital technology to perform a process or processes in order to complete a workflow or function is referred to as process automation. A wide range of corporate processes and activities can be automated, or at least substantially automated, with human interaction at key points in workflows.

Why automate processes?

Automation increases productivity allows for more efficient resource utilization, higher product quality, reduces error, and allows us to evolve our way of working.

Five Benefits of process automation?

  1. Increases Quality
  2. Increases Production
  3. Lowers Costs
  4. Reduces Error
  5. Saves Time

In the short term, how does the Automation process feel?

Both displacement and productivity effects are always created by automation, but automation has a higher displacement effect. Reduced morale, increased absenteeism and/or presenteeism, and even fractures in professional relationships are all negative effects of change. Employees may unconsciously disengage from the implementation or reduce value gain from automation.

In the long run, how does the Automations process feel?

Higher production rates and productivity, more efficient resource use, greater product quality, reduces error, evolve the type of work employees perform, and shorter lead times are all advantages of automation. Technology can also increase productivity by making tasks easier to accomplish or by generating new occupations.

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What’s most critical when automating processes?

The how. Ideas are great, but its implementation that counts.

Implementation is the process that turns strategies and plans into actions to accomplish strategic objectives and goals. Implementing your strategic plan is vital and is as essential, or even more important, than your strategy.

What are bad processes?

You can get away with the “bad” processes in the short term, such as doing the right things badly or the wrong things well, but in the long run, you will fail. If, on the other hand, you have “ugly” processes — that is, you’re doing the wrong things badly – urgent measures must be made or you will perish.

What is the effect of automating a poorly designed process?

Bad processes create inefficiency and require extra effort to handle workaround procedures, rework cycles, and duplicate tasks. They also increase the time and energy spent escalating issues to more expensive humans. When a bad process impacts many humans, the costs and negative consequences grow exponentially.

Most changes fail to reach their initial objectives due to a lack of support, communication, stakeholder engagement, and resourcing. The only way to de-risk a business change and increase its chances of success is to work with people that have experience in bringing about change. Change is the hardest thing for us as humans to accept, and even harder is when a change takes place that we did not ask for nor initiate.

Why hire us to support you in process automation?

We have over 15 years implement changes and managing people in the process. We are accustomed to interacting with people of various levels of business acumen. The best compliment we get is that people want to work with us again. We excel at managing the change from a people-first point which helps the change from a process and technical point. Even those who initially feel most threatened by the change can be empowered by it as well. This we achieve through our skill, experience, and most importantly passion for people and business.

We love our software, but business at the end of the day is about people.

Written by Terrill Christians, Business Owner of Success By Design

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