Why Your Business Needs a Support Ticket System

Why Businesses need a Support Ticket System

There is nothing worse than forgetting about a customer’s question, or problem that they asked you to follow up on. It will cost your business customers and sales and cause frustration between employees and employers.

“A support ticket system is like having a special way that your customers or non-customers can ask for help.  When you have a problem or a question, you send a ‘ticket,’ which is like a message.

The cool thing is, that your message won’t get lost like it might in a big pile of emails. It goes to the right person who can help you, and they see it right away.  That means you get your answers faster. Plus, you can watch how your problem is getting fixed. If more than one person needs to help, they can all work together. It also keeps a record of everything, so you can look back at it later if you need to. For businesses, it’s great because it keeps customers happy when they know their problems are being taken care of. So, it’s a win-win for everyone!”


  • Around 86% of service teams say having a Support ticketing system improves their productivity levels. – HubSpot
  • Automating the Support ticketing process saves businesses around 22%  in service costs – BMC

5 Good Reasons for Small Businesses needs a Helpdesk and a support ticking system
Any business can be excited when they realize they need to improve their IT support methods. Whether that means improving customer service or making a support team work better. No matter what, SMBs can get a lot out of picking the right customer help tool.

  1. Getting work done faster and better

With the right helpdesk/support ticketing tool, your team can easily help your customers as they receive, handle, and solve customer requests. All while handling communication through more than one route through a single system. It also cuts down on the need for paper and files, which means fewer mistakes.

  1. Getting customers to respond faster

The right automated system will have only customer-focused features. As well as features that speed up customer service, like:

  1. Ticket management and teamwork

Small businesses that want to improve their reaction times and save money on costs can benefit from automating their customer service processes.  Using a ticketing system is one way that a business can automate its help functions. This saves time because it gives tickets to team members instantly and sorts them by the type of request. 

  1. Customer Service That Goes Above and Beyond

The goal of proactive care is to know what the customer will need before they do. In this way, help teams can find problems that haven’t happened yet or that the customer doesn’t know about. For example, a company that hosts websites may need to shut down for a short time to do planned maintenance. 

Proactive service can also have a big effect on how loyal customers are to an SME’s business. On average, 68% of customers around the world like brands that reach out to them through proactive customer service alerts.

  1. Using Metrics to Measure Performance

Modern tools are full of ways to analyse and report. This makes it easier to keep track of help requests and see what kind of service team members are giving. Small business owners can also keep an eye on SLAs if they have access to specific metrics. This includes how quickly agents respond and how often problems are solved on the first call. 

  1. Getting More Money

As a small business, it’s important to give people a good service experience. Customers are happy when they get good customer service. When people like a brand, they stick with it. This means that customers are more likely to stay with the business and also refer new customers to your business

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What a Ticketing System Offers your Business

  • Centralised Dashboard: A helpdesk gives you a dashboard for all of your messages, which is great for small businesses that share an email account. This lets a support manager and their agents see all questions and requests from customers across all mediums.
  • A wealth of information: Most support systems are useful because they let you build a self-service site. This lets end users search resources like FAQs and knowledge bases to find an answer to their problem. In fact, 12% of customers would rather use this way than call a support agent directly.
  • Reporting and Analysis: Usually, a small business doesn’t have the time or means to keep track of how well its support processes are doing. When businesses are able to collect the right data, they can learn a lot about success metrics. As well as helping to find problems and new ways to improve the service they offer.
  • Support for many languages: If a business gives services outside of the UK and to places where people don’t speak English, they need to have support in multiple languages. It lets team members talk to customers in their own language while still helping them in the right way. And more…

Let’s have a look at the Support Ticking Module in PERFEX

Perfex offers a support ticketing system. Clients can submit support requests, track their progress, and receive assistance from your support team.

A support ticket system in Perfex offers some great benefits

  • Easy Help: It makes it super easy to ask for help when you need it. Just send a ticket, and someone will assist you.
  • No Lost Requests: Your requests won’t get lost in a sea of emails. Each ticket gets tracked until it’s solved.
  • Faster Solutions: It helps you get answers faster because the right person sees your request right away.
  • Tracking Progress: You can keep an eye on the progress of your request, so you know when it’s fixed.
  • Efficient Teamwork: If more than one person needs to help, they can all see the ticket and work together to solve it.
  • Better Records: It keeps a record of all your requests, which can be handy for future reference.
  • Happy Customers: If you’re a business, it makes your customers happy because they know you’re taking care of their problems.

In short, a support ticket system in Perfex makes getting help quicker, more organized, and more efficient for both businesses and customers. PERFEX is an all-in-one Business Management System with Support Ticketing part of its core modules.

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