Become CyberSavvy, learn more about malware, phishing, cybersecurity, and what to look out for

Are you worried about all the digital crime happening?

Are you unsure of what to look out for?

Would you like some help understanding what malware, phishing, identity theft, OPT scams, etc. are about…

In this webinar, you will learn about Malware, Phishing, Identify theft, how the PIN scams to get your banking details or mobile info work, why it’s is important to destroy any paper document with your personal info on it. So that you can protect yourself as best as possible from this happening to you

Guest Speaker: Marina Von Molendorf, a Data Privacy & Governance Technology Adviser

Become Cyber Savvy and learning more about malware, phishing, scams and cybersecurity can save you money and hopefully prevent you becoming a victim of fraud.

Link to webinar:

Presentation used during the Webinar

Identity theft – This is a 3 min video illustrating Sim card fraud.

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